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Welcome to the Turkey Challenge!

On this page you can find all the information you will need for the weekend. Please follow our social media pages for up to date information on registration, workout releases, and everything else.

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Sports Stable Complex

1 Superior Drive, Superior, CO 80027, USA. Inside Impact Sports.


Visit the Venue page for more info.


Turkey Challenge - Online Qualifier

Registration opens Wednesday, August 28th to Monday, September 16th at 7:59pm MST.


Turkey Challenge - Main Event

The main event will take place  5pm-8pm Friday, and 9am-4pm Saturday, and Sunday, November 23-24th, 2019. 

Athlete Divisions

(At the Main Event)

Team (2 guy/girl):

Pro team - 7 spots

Rx Team (NEW) - 21 spots

Open team - 42 spots

40+ team - 7 spots

Fun team - 14 spots



Pro male - 14 Spots

Pro female - 14 Spots

Rx male (NEW) - 28 spots

Rx female (NEW - 14 spots

Open male - 42 Spots

Open female - 14Spots

35-39 male - 14 Spots

35-39 female - 14 Spots

40+ male - 14 Spots

40+ female - 14 Spots

Teen (14-17) male - 14 Spots

Teen (14-17) female - 14 Spots

*Number of spots available may change depending on need.

Please see this post for important division requirements and information about the qualification process. 

Please review the 2019 Turkey Challenge Official Rule Book here.


Registration to the main event will follow the invites accepted after the online qualifier on Tuesday, September 24th at 9am. 

Cost: $440/team, $160 Individual


*No refunds however we will accommodate swaps until 1 week prior to event. Keep your registration email to update team names, t-shirt sizes, and athlete swaps.


We are extremely thankful to our awesome sponsors and vendors that help us put this event on. More information about cash and prizes will be announced soon!

Additional details


CHANGED Teens Individuals division

This year's Teen Individual division will be a single age division of 14-17 years (as given at the start of the competition on Friday, November 22nd, 2019) of male and female athletes. Proof of ID will be required at the main event.


CHANGED Masters Individual division

Due to the popularity last year, we are adding a 35-39 Individuals division along with last year's 40+ Individuals division.


Kids competition

We are hoping to put this event on again this year. More details to be announced soon! Coaches or gym owners that would like to bring groups of kids and/or help support the event, please email