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Thank You Online Qualifier Sponsors!

Without help of sponsors, the prize packages and fun of winning wouldn't be the same. So, huge shout out to our local sponsors that help us put on our first year's Turkey Challenge Online Qualifier. Thank you guys so much!

Thank you to REP FITNESS in Denver CO for being an awesome local sponsor this year!  They are centrally located right off i25 with a HUGE showroom packed full of all the gear you love!  From outfitting gyms, a new home/garage gym, or getting some extra work done at home with a barbell and plates or kettlebell and bands – they have got it!  601 E. 64th Ave. Denver, CO 80229. Visit the REP FITNESS website here.

Thank you to Ascent Protein for being an awesome local sponsor. Ascent is known as the #officialsponsorofhardwork and proves it by having some of the toughest CrossFit, Spartan, and Weightlifting athletes using their products. Based right here in Denver, Colorado and has wholesale programs for gyms to stock the product. Visit their website here.

Thank you to JumpNrope for 'hopping in' to be an awesome local sponsor. Molly and her training staff have provided more than 300 double under seminars across the globe and is the #1 place to go for your jump rope needs. Visit their store here.