Slight Changes/Updates to Workouts

Updated: Nov 14, 2018

Fortunately our TC crew is pretty good at adapting to change! We only had to add a 'swim' element to this 2015 Row/OHS/Burpee workout.

General statement:

If you can imagine, there is a lot of planning and effort that goes into programming the weekend of workouts at the Turkey Challenge. That being said, there are bound to be some mistakes, typos, and other things that we will continue to uncover as we are leading up to the event. At the end of the day, we will do everything in our power to maintain the integrity of the workout and keep it fair within your divisions, but understand that things may change slightly and can change all the way up until the first heat of the workout! 

Here are some changes/adjustments that will be getting updated in workout documents:


-Tie break on shuttle run (Individuals only) is broad jump score

-A can of Kill Cliff IS the weight that Pros (individual and team) will be using in the weighted tuck L-sit.


- Removing 6# med ball weight on Abmat Situps. Applies to 13-14 yo division and for anyone in Open, 40+, and 15-18 yo divisions substituting 2x sit ups for GHD sit ups.

- Team Sprint: This is meant to be a relay with MM or FF partners where they will alternate exercises beginning at the GHD, Bike, and then HSPU (or wall walks). We will allow partners to share the load on the HSPU. However, the partner that did not start on GHD on round 1 will have to start round 2.

Burden Run:

- The sandbag in the Burden Run workout for all athletes must be carried across the back for both the run and the squats. Both hands must be on the bag during running and squatting.

- Team Burden Run - Adding 5 squats per round (to 35 reps), and decreasing row to 450 meters. 

- Burpees over rower (Individual and Team) do not have to open hips when jumping over rower.

Team Bench:

A minimum of 1 rep must be done on each bar (or the team will receive a 'no score'). The workout is for combined total reps of those 4 weighted bars.

Bar complex:

- Due to bars being staggered across the comp floor, it is required that after every gymnastic element, athletes return to the start line before going back to the bar (applies to teams and individuals).

- For the Open, 40+, 17-18 divisions ONLY, the "Bonus Round" isn't meant as optional. I understand chest to bar pull ups and bar muscle ups weren't on the load list, but there are many in the these divisions that have those movements and we want to be able to reward those that do. The bar weights are either right at, or just over what was listed as the max on the load list. Again, done for the same reason as above. Do your best and get as far as you can. If you don't finish the workout, you will receive time cap + reps not completed score. Reminder, there is a tie-break time taken after the C2B, so you'll want to get through that as quickly as you can.

Please direct workout questions to Thanks! Looking forward to an awesome weekend.



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