PB 2018 Turkey Challenge Recap

Another TC year done. Thank you to everyone that came out!

Well, another year of the TC is done.

Thank you to our AWESOME crew of volunteers and judges that make it all happen.

Thank you to our AWESOME sponsors and vendors that help us add the bells and whistles to everything.

Finally, thank you to the AWESOME athletes that come out every year and give it their all.

My thoughts…

This year went great! I was pretty transparent since the beginning that this year we were going to “take the event a step further” than it had been. We increased athletes and opened new divisions, challenged ourselves with programming and logistics, and we found a venue that we could work with for the next few years. The venue, for the most part, worked out very well. The basketball court was initially planned on being pulled up, but that was changed in the last 4 weeks. We had some miscommunications with the Sports Stable that created some issues over the weekend. But, with the first year at a new venue, there is bound to be problems and the ones we faced can easily be remedied for next year.

The workouts came together very well. The plan for this year began with an idea to make a “field day” sort of feel..I wanted to do more events than we did in the past (6 vs. 5) and I wanted the test to feel like it was a bit more like a test of “function” vs. just the standard workout feel. I wanted to make the events fun to watch for the spectators...I feel like that was accomplished the best we could.

Our volunteers are awesome. I gotta admit, the TC wouldn’t be anything without the experience of our volunteer and judging crew. While there are some new faces every year, we owe 100% of our success to our volunteers that have done the TC for multiple years...And, there are many of them. They are able to see things in advance and take initiative when needed. They know how to set the tone and be supportive to athletes that are anxious and sometimes pissed off. They know that the job of putting the TC together isn’t easy and they put in long, back-breaking hours of work with not a bit of fuss. Like I said at the awards ceremony, they are the hardest workers in the room every year. I am super proud to be on this team!

I want to congratulate the athletes too. I was a bit anxious this year about having more athletes on site. This event has grown in size and there’s a point when something becomes big that people start becoming assholes. But, all weekend I saw athletes supporting each other, giving high fives and bear hugs, and helping each other up after tough workouts. There was a lot of camaraderie all around. I’m super proud to be apart of this CrossFit community!

I want to send a huge shout out to my wife Janelle..She is the Ying to my Yang and she worked incredibly hard this year. Not only does she do 90% of the raising our kids, but she also helps run the back-end of our gym along with wearing several hats during the TC. She was a superstar this year and much of the success is due to her hard work.

Next year…

I’m just going to go ahead and throw it out there in my normal fashion of saying what’s on my mind...Next year we are planning on having an online qualifier for the TC. We are looking at an August-September timeframe where we will host a series of online workouts for athletes to pre-qualify for the TC. Not only will we be able to qualify athletes into the divisions and be able to appropriately program for them, but we will be able to extend the ‘fun’ of the TC. We will be releasing more details on our 2019 TC plans in January or February.

Next year is our year number 10. When looking forward to the future of the TC, there is a conversation I always think about. It was in about 2011 that we were at an event with Dave Castro and someone asked him how long the Games would be around and he said “as long as we’re still having fun.” That sentence always sticks with me. So, as long as we’re all having fun, we’ll keep doing this Turkey Challenge!

Last thing. As I said above, our Sponsors and Vendors really add a lot to the success of the event by donating equipment for workouts, prizes for winners, and interacting with spectators and making the entire event quite a bit more exciting. They often donate hundreds, if not thousands of dollars worth of gear with the intention of earning your business. If you did not stop by their booth, or even if you did, it would be awesome if you would check out their online stores and consider doing some of your Christmas shopping with them. You can visit their stores below.

Thank you again for a super fun year. It is a lot of work putting this event together, but it’s all worth it when it comes together.

Check out our sponsors here. I've included the online store link along with my personal notes on some of the products/services they offer.

Pure Spectrum CBD (The highest quality CBD products you can find and they are continuously coming up with new products..Prices are competitive and Colorado based!)

Accent Protein (The highest quality whey protein you can find. Great partnership for gym owners looking to offer protein to their members. Colorado based!)

Brute Force Sandbags (I can't overstate the importance of working with odd loads and objects and Brute Force is the best place to get your gear. All sorts of sand weighted gear from bags and balls to vests. Colorado based!)

Boulder Running Company (Based in Boulder and offers a great selection of running and training shoes and great customer service.)

Kill Cliff and Fit Aid (When you're tired of drinking water and want something bubbly and refreshing, both of these guys are great choices!)

Flapjacked (All sorts of yummy kid-friendly snacks from protein packed muffins to pancake mix.)

Suerte Tequila (Some of the best tequila you can get..Local company to boot!)

JumpNrope (Home of world record jump roper Molly Metz. Great selection of training and speed jump ropes here in CO.)

Affiliate Guard (Insurance solutions for CrossFit gyms and events, including the TC!)

Rep Fitness (Local supplier of gym equipment at great prices. Local pick up available in Denver!)

Lifting the Dream (Fun and colorful gear to look cool while you're lifting and working out)

Hello Fresh (Skip the grocery with meal kits that are delivered to your door at a great price.)

Boulder Therapeutics (Experienced PT and massage services with three locations across Denver/Boulder areas.)

Caveman Chefs (Zach, Dave, and Jake are true chefs and they have a talent for cooking and delivering high quality meals to your doorstep. Everything can be set up custom to your taste. Colorado based!)

Row Vigor (Super cool app that allows you to compete in workouts on your C2 rower at home or gym.)

Revive Colorado (Mobile IV hydration and booster shots to help you stay healthy during flu season or tackle a seriously hard event.)

Wilde Brands Foods (Makers of those delicious chicken chips. Yes, chips made out of chicken!)

Nuun Hydration (Make your water count with this tasty electrolyte tablet for your water bottle.)

False Grips (The ring dip and false grip training tool that comes with a 4-week program that will help you build confidence on the rings.)

Rx Bars (Whole food snack bars that are great for travel or hiking.)

Amare Global (Supplements for gut and brain health.)

Meyer Natural Foods (Great meat products including Laura's Lean. Partnerships with gym owners for discounted meat for members.)

No Cow Bars (Delicious protein bar made with no dairy. Several great flavors.)

Green Leaf Massage (Relaxing and sports massages at a great price with locations across Denver metro.)

Equip Products (All sorts of great CF equipment including ring dip rash guards, HSPU mats, and equipment for adaptive athletes.)



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