Heat Assignments & Weekend Info

Attention! We sent an email out to athletes this morning, but had a high number of returned emails (must've been racing too quickly at registration?) So, we're posting the athlete email here as well.

Please note, filling out the waiver prior to registration Friday night is recommended.

Fill out Turkey Challenge Athlete Waiver (applies to athletes only) HERE.

2018 Turkey Challenge Athlete Information (Please review thoroughly)

LOCATION Sports Stable. 1 Superior Dr. Superior CO 80027. You can see venue map here. There are entrances on the north and west side of Impact building as well as the main Sports Stable entrance.

ATHLETE CHECK-IN Mandatory athlete check in will be located on the basketball court on the northwest end of the Impact building. Check in times:

--> Friday evening (recommended if possible) 3:00-8:00 pm --> Saturday morning from 6:30 to 8:00am. 

We encourage you to register Friday night and come watch the Master Teams throw down and avoid the long lines on Saturday morning. All team members must register in person, however you do not have to come together.

ALL ATHLETES, please complete this online waiver as you will not be able to complete registration without a completed waiver.

WORKOUTS The workouts have been announced and posted here. Please note, we have the right to make adjustments to the workouts for safety and/or reasons that will make the event run better. Ensure you are clear with standards with your judges when you come on the floor and before the workout begins.

ATHLETE/TEAM HEAT TIMES Please see the athlete heat times here (updated 11/14). If your name is missing or you have updated a team member on your team, please email Janelle@mbscrossfit.com ASAP. Pro Individuals and teams, we will be reseeding the heats for Sunday based off the standings after Saturday's performances.

PARKING Parking is free but limited. There is a large lot out front along with tons of street parking and a parking garage on the north side of the building. You are welcome to park wherever it is not parked otherwise. We recommend carpooling if possible! (We counted roughly 700 parking spots, but are expecting more people than that!)

ATHLETE WARM UP & RECOVERY AREA There will be two warm up areas available for athletes use only. Downstairs warm up will be in the downstairs weight room. The upstairs warm up area is accessible at the stairs right upon entering the Impact entrance. Both areas will be clearly marked and are for ATHLETES ONLY.  Please be respectful of others and the equipment in there. 

WORKOUT BRIEFINGS Judges meetings take place 15 minutes prior to the start of the first heat of the morning and afternoon workouts. Immediately following, the first heats (teen individuals and Open teams) may get a short briefing to ensure they understand movement standards, workout flow, safety precautions, etc. It is NOT a required briefing for all athletes, but just recommended for those in the first heats that do not get the advantage of watching other heats before them.

COMPETITION AREAS & HEAT CHECK IN There are 4 competition areas:

1. "The Stadium" - This is the on the north end of the field with the pull up rig. Athlete heat check in will be on the north end outside the field. 2. "The Court" - This is on the south end of the field on the basketball court. Athlete heat check-in will be on the far south end. 3. "Bench press" - This floater will be located in the CrossFit room, which is right next to the downstairs warm up area. Heat check in will be just outside the east entrance. Saturday floater sign up will be available at athlete check in Friday night. Sunday floater signup TBD.

4. "Tire flip" - This floater will be located outside (TBD Friday evening based on weather conditions). Heat check in will be where ever it gets located. Saturday floater sign up will be available at athlete check in Friday night. Sunday floater signup TBD.


SCORING & LEADERBOARD The leaderboard can be found here and will be shared on the Turkey Challenge Facebook page throughout the weekend. Scoring will be updated regularly throughout the weekend. Athletes are required to confirm and sign their scorecards prior to exiting the workout floor. Scoring issues over the weekend should be emailed to patrick@mbscrossfit.com. Please, DO NOT attempt to go to scoring booth directly! Use the email and your issue will be handled as quickly as possible. FIRST AID/MEDICAL First aid and medical services will be available and provided by Synapse PT located in the upstairs warm up area. For emergencies, dial 911.

TENT CITY/ATHLETE HANGOUT AREAS If you've been to previous TC's, you know that 'hangout' space for you and your team is a hot commodity. Being that space is limited, we ask that you be respectful of others and try to use only the space you need. Pack lightly as you will have to move locations from Saturday to Sunday.

Saturday "tent city" location - Mezzanine overlooking the filed. Entrance stairs on the south end of field.

Sunday "tent city" location - Basketball court on northwest side of building (mezzanine will be used for hitting practice on Sunday)

RV parking is allowed onsite, but as parking is limited, we ask that you use the far dirt parking lot for large vehicle parking.


Spectators are FREE, so invite your friends and family to come watch. The venue has asked that we DO NOT HAVE PETS ON SITE (dogs included), sorry. 

FOOD  There will be 2 food trucks outside and coffee and Caveman Chefs inside on the basketball court. 

VENDOR VILLAGE Be ready to check out all our vendors on site. We have nearly 30 vendors located on the field, basketball court, and at the outside entrance.


Brunacelli's restaurant is allowing us to donate a portion of sales made on Saturday from 6-10pm to one of our non-profit partners Two Angels Foundation. We encourage you to have a drink and dinner there Saturday night after the Masters awards ceremony.

RESTROOMS AND TRASH There are indoor restrooms near the downstairs athlete warm up on the Impact side of the building as well as in the Sports Stable entrance lobby. There will also be several porta-johns located at the front and back of the building. Trash and recycling receptacles will be located in numerous locations inside and out of the building. Please help us out in keeping the facilities clean!

SOCIAL MEDIA & PHOTOS Please help us share our passion and love for fitness with your friends and family. Tag your favorite photos with #TurkeyChallenge2018. Find us on Facebook and Instagram @mbsturkeychallenge.

 @photosammi and @origincreativeworks will be onsite taking photos of YOU. Smile, pose with your friends and have fun! Pictures will be shared about one week after the event is over. 




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