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Frequently Asked Questions About the Online Qualifier

Hey everyone, we thought it would be good to answer some of our FAQ's regarding the Online Qualifier. We definitely aren't trying to confuse anyone, so please read below. If you have any further questions, please email

How will Teams submit scores?

Team workouts can be done individually and the scores will be sent to the Team Captain who will submit each of his or her team member's scores. There will be four entry boxes and it is imperative that each score is entered accurately for the team score to compile correctly. You can use the scorecard to record your score here. The entire must choose to do the workout as either Rx or Scaled version and cannot be mix and match.

How to score "For time" workout if workout is not completed in the time cap?

For all "For time" workouts with a time cap: If the workout is not completed within the time cap, a 1-second penalty is assessed for every rep not completed and will be added to the time cap for a final score. Reps not completed will be added in the :SS column. For example, if you had 18 reps not completed at the 9:00 cut off, your score would be 9:18. Use the scorecard to record your score.

How do I know if I choose Rx or Scaled version of the workout?

On each workout released, an Rx and Scaled version of the workout will be shown. If able, the prescribed or "Rx" version of the workout should be chosen. Teams must have ALL individuals do the same - Rx or Scaled, and cannot mix and match. If the Scaled version is chosen, whether team or individual, the score will rank within other scaled scores and below all Rx workout scores. The purpose of having the Scaled option is to allow athletes to still compete within their division and score their Online Qualifier performance as a whole. Obviously, if an individual chooses to do Scaled on a workout, it will lower their overall ranking and it will be unlikely that they are in contention for prizes.

Do I have to do the Online Qualifier?

The short answer is no. However, besides getting the chance to win cash and prizes if you place top 3 in your division, you can also guarantee/increase your odds of registering for the main event in November. Here are the invitations (spots that will receive an invite and secure their spot to the main event in November via the Online Qualifier.

  1. Pro Individual (Placeholders 1-12 of Open Individual Online Qualifier)*

  2. Open Individual (Placeholders 15-28 of Open Individual Online Qualifier)**

  3. 35-39 Individual (Placeholders 1-4 of 35-39 Individual Online Qualifier)

  4. 40+ Individual (Placeholders 1-4 of 40+ Individual Online Qualfiier)

  5. Teen Individual (Placeholder 1-4 of Teen Individual Online Qualifier)

  6. Pro Team (Placeholders 1-14 of Open Team Online Qualfiier)***

  7. Open Team (Placeholders 15-28 of Open Team Online Qualifier)**

  8. 40+ Team (Placeholders 1-4 of 40+ Team Online Qualfiier)

  9. Fun Team, NA

*Two spots of both male and female will be held for Wildcard.

**NEW - 14 spots (Individual) and 14 (Team) of the Open Division are now eligible to receive an invite to the Open division for the main event in November. This means you will secure your spot via the OQ!

***We are removing the Wildcard for Pro Team!

Following the Online Qualifier, we will validate Athlete/Team performances and send invites to qualified Athletes/Teams above. They will have 48 hours to provide video and accept their spot. Declined spots will be given to next athletes in line.

After the qualification period, we will run standard registration on September 24th for all remaining spots. All Online Qualifier Athletes/Team captains will be sent a registration link 2 hours ahead of live registration. You can see the total amount of spots available for the main event in November here.

Do I have to video my workout?

Videos are required for all athletes that will be in in contention for prizes/qualifying. For example, at the completion of the Online Qualifier, we will be reviewing the scores of the Top 4 of every division (Top 28 in Open divisions) by asking for video of the performance. If an athlete or team cannot supply video proof of the requested workout within the time period provided during the validation period following the Online Qualifier, they will forfeit their spot/prize. Teams must have video of each athlete, which can be done individually or multiple athletes performing the workout in the same screen.

We apologize for any confusion. We are working as fast as we can to get information posted! Thank you.