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Date extension to Part 1 Online Portion of Championship

The 2021 Turkey Challenge is just a few weeks away and we wanted to highlight a couple of changes that will help you prepare for the event.

As it's been stated previously, in order to maintain the two-day event with the challenges presented with COVID restrictions, we opted to do a hybrid model that consists of both and "online" and "in-person" elements to the Championship event. We realize this is change has caused some challenges on scheduling, especially for teams in which it's required to get all 4 team members together to do the workouts. As such, we have came up with a couple ways to make it as easy as we could and still giving our team time to review the videos and be able to announce winners at the completion of the in person event on Saturday or Sunday. Read below for more details.

- Online portion dates extended. The online portion will still be announced Thursday, November 11th at 5pm. However, the date to turn in video and scores will be extended to Thursday, November 18th at 5pm. That allows 7 days to complete the workouts and submit videos. Hopefully, this makes it a little easier for teams to get together and complete the workouts.

- All 3 workouts will be done in a 30-minute timeframe. We wanted to find a way to test various components, but also deter re-testing. One way to do that is to require all three events be done together in order for any to count. So, you can go ahead and re-test, but you'll have to retest all of them!

- Blind leaderboard. Feel free to submit your scores earlier rather than later because nobody will be able to see the scores you submit. And, it will actually help us a ton if you get them in early.

Any questions can be directed to Stay tuned for more updates coming soon!

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