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2021 Turkey Challenge - That's a Wrap!!!

What a weekend!!! We are so thankful for how the weekend turned out.

A sincere thanks to all of our volunteers and sponsors that allowed us to put on such a great event. Without your support, the weekend certainly wouldn't have happened. A special thanks to the team at MBS CrossFit for allowing us to bring the event back to it's home and all of their help in getting the venue set up for the weekend.

Finally, hats off to all of the athletes! Some amazing performances across the board on some VERY tough workouts. It was a blast and inspiration as always watching you all leave it out on the floor.

In the next week, we will be sending an athlete email with pictures taken by RMK Visions Photography along with any final messages from sponsors or things we may have missed. Until then, congrats to the winners of this year's Turkey Challenge. We wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving and hope to see you next year!

2021 Turkey Challenge Finishers

Rx Team

1st Place - Koda Iron View

2nd Place - DTC CrossFit

3rd Place - CrossFit Omnia

Open Team

1st Place - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turkeys

2nd Place - Lifting Weights and Filling Plates

3rd Place - Mashed Squat-Tatoes

Pro Men

1st Place - Logan Ewing

2nd Place - Alex Autobee

3rd Place - Ryley Humrighouse

Pro Women

1st Place - Tayler Sykes

2nd Place - Kelly Stone

3rd Place - Gabby McClelland

*Due to a tie on the leaderboard, the next highest placement in a workout is used. Both had two first place finishes. However, Tayler edged out Kelly with three second place finishes versus one.

Rx Men

1st Place - Logan Hopkins

2nd Place - Kooper Fordyce

3rd Place - Michael Crumley

Open Men

1st Place - Matt Lampo

2nd Place - Alex Tilmes

3rd Place - Ouray Walker

Open Women

1st Place - Sophia Lind

2nd Place - Acacia Dettman

3rd Place - Angi Axmann Grabinger

40+ Men

1st Place - Luke Kelley

2nd Place - Lyman Baete

3rd Place - Lee Eisenheim

*Due to a tie for 2nd, the next highest placement is used to determine higher placement and Lyman edged out Lee with a first place finish on workout #6.

40+ Women

1st Place - Pamela Marschner

2nd Place - Tamara Radtke

3rd Place - Lisa Arcangel

14-17 Teen Boy

1st Place - Noah Hayward

2nd Place - Tobin O'Neal

14-17 Teen Girl

1st Place - Abigail Moore

2nd Place - Keira Mumford

Thank you to our 2021 Sponsors

Lifting the Dream Apparel, Rep Fitness, Wilde Brands, Brute Force, Celeste by Margaux Alvarez, Boulder Running Company, Reign Body Fuel, and Affiliate Guard.

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