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Here. We. Go. The first phase of the Turkey Challenge season is officially underway!

The road to the Championship in November begins right now with the Online Qualifier. Grab a buddy to compete with you as an individual, or get 3 to compete as a team. Whatever you do, don't wait for an excuses to miss out. 2021 is going to be a season not to miss!

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Important Turkey Challenge Dates:

August 16th - Online Qualifier registration Opens

September 6th - Online Qualifier workouts announced

September 20th - Online Qualifier scores due

September 24th - October 1st - Championship invites and early registration

October 4th - Open registration

October 11th - CF Kids registration

**November 20-21st - Turkey Challenge Championship**

See below for registration FAQ's:

Do I have to do the Online Qualifier?

This is somewhat of a complicated answer, but we'll try and make this clear as possible. The only people that are required to compete in the Online Qualifier is those that wish to compete as Pro Individuals at the Championship in November. These folks will sign up as Rx in the Online Qualifier, and the top placers (number TBD) will be invited to compete as Pro's in November.

However (please pay attention), due to some changes this year, we will be reducing the total number of heats we can run, and thus have a limited number of spots available. For example, where we typically ran 12-14 heats each of teams and individuals, we will only be running 10 each. So, some divisions are being cut short of what we would typically run. Where we ran 3 divisions of male Rx in 2019, we will only be running 2 heats. There will only be one heat of women Rx and only one heat of 40+, etc. The final number per division is TBD and will be determined by the OQ registrations, but we do know that it is less than we've done in the past, so it is even more important to guarantee your spot via the Online Qualifier.

Long story short, plan on doing the Online Qualifier if you want to compete this November. If you don't, you risk someone else taking the spot. Also, your placement in the Online Qualifier can help you get a seeding into a final heat (vs opening heat) in November, which gives you a competitive advantage!

Note - As of August 16th, 2021, we are not planning on having a Pro Teams division. This is partially due to the reduction in the total number of heats, but also due to some changes that we think will improve the event. Those that previously competed as Pro Teams are encouraged to sign up and compete as Rx Teams. Again, if you do the Online Qualifier, the top placing teams will be invited to compete in the final heats (which is essentially equivalent to competing in the Pro division). Also, due to the more competitive Rx Team division, the prizes will be adjusted accordingly and likely have $$ payouts.

Which should I choose, Rx or Open?

The Rx division is meant for athletes that can do most CrossFit workouts as prescribed. These athletes can do muscle ups, chest to bar, handstand push ups and HS walks, pistols, and standard prescribed weights. Open division athletes can do some, but not all prescribed movements. Pull ups, toes to bar, wall walks, and standard weight wall ball and box jumps will be required. Weights will be slightly reduced. For Rx teams - We suggest that at least one male and one female can do muscle ups (bar and ring). Otherwise, you may not be able to compete in a workout at the Championship. See this load list for suggested weights/movements.

How will Teams register and submit scores?

Teams will consist of 2 males and 2 females. At registration, you will be asked for 4 names and emails. If you don't have names/emails at registration, you can use fake ones and put the real ones in at a later time. Workouts in the Online Qualifier can be done individually, or together as a team. Ultimately, the scores will be given to the Team Captain who will submit each of his or her team member's scores, A+B+C+D. It is imperative that each score is entered accurately for the team score to compile correctly. Scorecards will be supplied for each workout and we highly suggest using them to maintain accurate scores.

Do I have to video my workout?

Videos are required for all athletes that will be in contention for Pro invitation spots as well as all 1st place positions within each division and eligible for prizes. Teams must have video of each athlete, which can be done individually or multiple athletes performing the workout in the same screen. If an athlete or team cannot supply video proof of the requested workout within the time period provided during the validation period following the Online Qualifier, they will forfeit their spot/prize.

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