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2021 Online Qualifier Workouts

Hey everyone!

Below are the 2021 Turkey Challenge Online Qualifier Workouts. Read the descriptions carefully and send us any questions you have.

Online Qualifier Workout 21.1 Workout Description & Scorecard

Online Qualifier Workout 21.2 Workout Description & Scorecard

Online Qualifier Workout 21.3 Workout Description & Scorecard

Teams - While these workouts were written with the intention of having the flexibility to not have to be together as a team in order to do the workouts, it is always more fun to do them together as a team. We encourage you to meet together and cheer each other on. In either case, the team captains will gather everyone's score and submit a final score, ie. 1 + 2 + 3 + 4 = Final Score.

Individuals - don't forget to get tie break time on the rower on 21.1! Teams you don't require a tie break time.

Reminder, you have two weeks until Monday, September 20th at 8pm MST to submit these scores. Submit on the Throwdowns page here. Plenty of time to try once or twice and get your best scores.

Also, earlier this week we sent an email regarding a recent mask mandate at our planned venue for the Championship in November. As things stand, we are working on different options to keep the on-site event. We plan on making a decision in the next week or so and will keep everyone updated as we are able.

Questions or concerns? Shoot us an email at

Good luck!

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