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2020 Turkey Challenge Announced

Updated: Jul 11, 2021

2020 certainly isn’t going as planned for most of us, and unfortunately the Turkey Challenge will be different this year too! We were hopeful we could find a way to make it work, but alas it’s time to concede and move on to option B. 2020  Turkey Challenge The Paindemic, since we will not be able to make an in person competition work we will be hosting a fun, yet competitive online comp. We will  maintain our mission of bringing our community together with fitness, fun, and camaraderie! Information regarding the competition dates, workouts and divisions can all be found below. We hope you will grab a friend and sign up!


The 2020 Turkey Challenge will be an ONLINE ONLY format where we will be post 3+ workouts at once at 9:00AM MST on Wednesday, November 18th and athletes/teams will have 6 days to complete all workouts and submit their scores by Tuesday, November 24th at 9:00AM MST. At the end of the competition, scores will be calculated and overall winners will be announced.


To simplify the event this year, we will have only "Rx" and "Scaled" divisions, which is similar to the way the CrossFit Open has been done in the past. And, similar to previous years, athletes/teams will be able to compete as either individuals or 4-person (2 men/2 women) teams within those divisions.

New this year will be a function on the leaderboard to see where you stack up according to your age. During registration, you will be asked for your age as of November 20th, 2020, which at the end of the competition will allow you to see top performers within individual Rx and Scaled divisions according age brackets of 16-17, 18-34, 35-39, 40-44, 45-49, 50+, and 40+ for teams.

Prizes are still TBD and will be announced soon.


Registration is open now and will close at the closing of score submission on Tuesday, November 24th at 9:00AM MST. Cost to register is $20 for individuals and $80 for teams.


For many different reasons, we've decided that this year's event should be accommodating to the fact that many of our challengers may be making it happen out of garage gyms, have had irregular training schedules, and/or might not have access to the same equipment/space that they have previously. That being said, we have done our best to maintain the integrity of the competition and will still be asking for you to get uncomfortable and test your limits!


  • The workouts, or “events”, will be posted all at once at 9:00AM MST on Wednesday, November 18th. Each event/workout will be posted with specific instructions on how to compete with each division standards and requirements specifically explained in both writing and video and also include a scorecard to help with scoring.

  • A posted workout may include multiple scores. For example, “part A” and “part B”, both of which must be completed to the minimum work requirements in order for either score to count.

  • For Rx athletes/teams contending for top positions, you will be expected to have video proof of the effort and provide the link at score submission. Failure to provide video proof may disqualify your ability to maintain a top spot.


  • No rowers, air bikes, or running routes will be required.

  • All athletes will need the minimum of access to a barbell and bumper plates, box jump, jump rope, pull up bar, and dumbbell or kettlebell.

Divisions Standards:

  •  The Rx division is for athletes that can perform commonly prescribed CrossFit movements as Rx'd. If competing in this division, you should be prepared for the minimum of movements such as chin over pull ups, toes to bar, double-unders, as well as the ability to perform commonly prescribed barbell weights up to 315/205 lb. for deadlifts, 135/95 lb. for front/back squats and cleans, and 95/65 lb. for overhead squats, thrusters, and snatches. A minimum height 24/20" height box jump is required as well as a single 50/35 lb. dumbbell or 50/35 lb. kettlebell.

  • The Scaled division is for athletes that are still building strength and consistency and will provide modified options for pull ups, toes to bar, and double-unders, as well as offer modified weights of up to 225/155 lb. for deadlifts, 95/65 lb. for front/back squats and cleans, and 75/55 lb. for overhead squats, thrusters, and snatches. A minimum of 20/16" height box jump is required as well as a single 35/20 lb. dumbbell or 35/20 lb. kettlebell.

Team Standards:

  • A competing team will consist of (2) men and (2) women. In order to compete as a team, a Team Captain will register all four athletes in the appropriate division at registration (please have full names, email, dates of birth at registration)

  • Teams will be required to complete the workouts together in person.

More information will be continued to be posted about the event as it get's closer on on, Facebook, and Instagram pages.

**If your business/brand is interested in sponsoring the Turkey Challenge we would love to help you grow your brand! We are always looking for cool gear to award to the winners! For more information please email**

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