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Delivering a CrossFit Games experience

Year after year, we’ve taken great pride in running an event that gives every local CrossFit athlete, from intermediate to advanced, a CrossFit Games experience. We do this by aligning great workouts, top athletes, awesome judging and volunteers, caring sponsors, and kick-ass fans at every event we hold. Fortunately, this job is made easy by having an awesome CrossFit community right here in our backyard!

Introducing the Turkey Challenge Online Qualifier!



The online qualifier will be a whole other avenue to have fun and compete. You can program these workouts at your gym, do them in your garage, or challenge your friends. You’ll also have the ability to compete for some cash and awesome prizes from local sponsors. 


Athlete registration goes live on Wednesday, August 28th.

Workout 1 will be announced Wednesday, September 4th.

Workouts 2 & 3 will be announced Wednesday, September 11th.

Athlete registration closes and all score submissions are due on Monday, September 16th at 7:59pm MST.


The divisions to compete will be as follows:

Open Individual

Masters 35-39, 40+, and Teen Individual

Open Team

40+ Team

Fun team


Rx/Pro Individuals - 

Whether or not you intend to compete as a Pro or Open athlete, this entire field will compete together in the online qualifier. The top 4 placing athletes in this division will be given an invitation to compete in the Pro division at the Turkey Challenge Championship in November (registration fee applies). This is the ONLY method to make it to the Pro floor for the Championship in November. You will have to EARN it!


For athletes that have never competed with the Pro’s, don’t be intimidated. Now is your chance to see how you stack up against these beasts and beast-ettes and see if you can best them on a workout. If you don’t make the Top 10 cut for the Pro division, don’t worry because you will get 24-hour advanced registration access to sign up for the Open division at the main event in November.


Masters 35-39, 40+, and Teen individuals- 

Age division athletes should sign up under your appropriate age division in the online qualifier. The top 4 placeholders in each division will be given an invite to the main event in November along with cash and prizes from the online qualifier. For those that don’t make the cut, you will still be given an opportunity to compete at the main event in November by getting a 24-hour advance registration access before the Lottery Registration.


Rx/Pro Teams - 

Similar to the individuals, prospective Pro teams must qualify in the online qualifier in order to compete at the Championship. Only the top 7 placeholders from the online qualifier will be invited to compete in the Turkey Challenge Championships in November. Teams that don’t make the cut will be given advanced registration access to compete in the Open division at the Turkey Challenge Championships. 


40+ Teams - 

There are only seven 40+ team spots available at the Turkey Challenge this year. Three of those spots can be claimed from the online qualifier. A 40+ team must be made of 2 guys, 2 girls, and with all participants being 40 or above as of 11/22/19).


Fun Teams - 

New this year, you have the option of creating…

Option 1) a team of 3 guys, or a team of 3 girls..

Option 2) a team of 2 guys and 2 girls…

The whole idea of this division being offered is to get with some friends and grab some great workouts in a great environment. Or, it could just be so you earn your pizza that weekend. There are no prizes for the Fun Division, however, if your team participates in the online qualifier, you will be given 24-hour access to register to the main event in November.


After the culmination of our Online Qualifier and once the performances on video are reviewed for qualifying athletes, emails will be sent out and athletes will have 48 hours to confirm or deny registration. Denied, or unanswered invites will be given to the next athletes in line until the quota is filled. The remaining spots will be filled at the Lottery Registration.


Winners and the Pro roster will be announced _____



Following the Online Qualifier, score submissions will be validated and qualifiers will be announced. Winners will be emailed a registration link and will have 24-hours to register. If they fail to register, the spot will be given to the next placer.


Once all qualifying spots have been identified, open registration will open for everyone on Tuesday, September 24th at 9am. Participants of the online qualifier will be emailed a registration link 2 hours in advance to beat the lines!

The number of athletes competing in each division has changed from previous years and they will likely go fast at open registration. If a division sells out, you can still be put on a waitlist by emailing


The main event will take place over 3 days Friday-Sunday, November 22-24th at the Sports Stable in Louisville, CO. Detailed schedule and many more details about the event will be posted on the blog and our social media pages soon. We can't wait to see you at the 10th annual Turkey Challenge!