The “Challenge”

This picture looks eerily similar to last year's picture of the snow on Saturday morning...Slushy burpees anyone?

This picture looks eerily similar to last year’s picture of the snow on Saturday morning…Slushy burpees anyone?


The Turkey “Challenge” wouldn’t be the same without the stories of athletes, judges, and even the spectators, overcoming some sort of adversity. It’s just the way it is. The way it always has been. In the words of someone this evening, I must have a deal with God to get blessed with snow every Turkey Challenge.

In any case, we are seeing some of the challenges this weekend. An unexpected scenario with the pullup rig has forced us to replace ring muscle ups for bar muscle ups for the weekend. Additionally, we were presented with some challenges with our new venue space and will be switching some workouts around.

Here are some changes to our weekend’s workouts:

Obstacle Course – Due to way too much snow and ice, we have decided to cancel it. This is super unfortunate because I really liked the swerving track on the roof! Instead, we are planning on using the heated ramp on the north west side of the building. All teams will be on normal schedule tomorrow. Heat check in will be at the base of the ramp. The workout will consist of sprints up the ramp. Additional details will be posted in the morning by 8am. We will wait until later in the day tomorrow to know if individuals will still be able to use the track.

Pro individual “Mary” workout – Due to where we set the rig up, we are changing the handstand walk to a “buy in” to each round, where the “buy in” will remain the same distance. For instance, rounds 1, 2, and 3 will each begin with a 25′ handstand walk with the same original number of alt. pistols and pullups.

Open and Pro Teams 15-12-9 workout – As mentioned above, the bonus muscle ups at the end of the workout will be changed to bar muscle ups. Same workout, except bar muscle ups.

Individuals final chipper workout – The open division will now be doing bar muscle ups as a bonus. The pros will replace their ring muscle ups with bar muscle ups.


November 18, 2016