Athlete check-in will be on Friday evening and early Saturday morning. Saturday and Sunday competition will begin at roughly 8am, and finish at 6pm each day.

The following is a PRELIMINARY schedule. Stay tuned for updates on the 2016 schedule.


5-7pm – Athlete/Volunteer early check-in

Master’s Event One – Time TBD


7-8am – Athlete/Volunteer late check-in

8:00 am – Opening ceremony/National Anthem

8:45 am – Individual workouts start

9:00 am – Team workouts start

9-3pm – Floater open

4:30pm – Last individual and team heats finish



8:00 am – Individual run start

8:30 am – Team workouts start

1pm – Finals start

4:00 pm – Finals finish

4:30 pm – Awards ceremony