Another year of the Turkey Challenge is in the books. Plenty of good workout stories to talk about for the next couple weeks. We hope to have some pictures that we took up real soon. I wanted to keep this one short, but know that Janelle and I are extremely thankful for everyone’s help in putting this year’s event together. We hope you all enjoyed it too.

I want to thank…


My wife…She took lead on the TC this year and kicked ass! “This might’ve been the best TC year to date” is a comment I heard a lot this weekend. She is very much responsible for that.


To the following key people that have extremely helpful talents:

Val – For helping with the venue and sponsors.

Heather – For always being ready to help with anything.

Steve – For business and leadership mentoring..and your emcee extraordinaire skills.

Emilee – For being the social bee..Keeping everyone up to date and sharing the love.

The Dunns and Sarah– Teresa, Dave, Jeff, Pat, and Sarah for putting up with constant TC talk for 3 months..and helping out a ton.


To these groups of people that I am proud to be a part of:

The MBS staff…For holding the fort down, stepping up to judge, moving, building, cleaning, and counting gear, testing workouts, and helping to do what needed to be done.

The MBS community…To all our current members and to those that have been in the past and are still like family. Whether you came to volunteer, judge, spectate, watched from home and “liked” a picture on FB, or just asked about how it went on Monday…it all counts. We appreciate it very much.

The Colorado CrossFit community..For showing up, participating, and saying thanks. There were a lot of comments from judges saying that the athletes thanks them…it goes a long way. We appreciate it.

Seriously though, I just think it’s cool to have the OPPORTUNITY to do something so big…Something that has as much impact as the Turkey Challenge does.

I think the best way to describe what the Turkey Challenge is and why Janelle and I turn around to do it again every year is summed up in the pictures you can find when you search #turkeychallenge2016. Click here.

Thank you guys. See you all again soon.